Sandalwood Accessories

Hand-polished, smooth and delicate; it is suitable for decoration and personal use, highlighting the owner’s elegant quality and taste.

Sandalwood Carvings

Our beads are made from sandalwood imported from India. Sandalwood not only retains its admirable beauty, but also its sense of elevated elegance and luxury. These sandalwood accessories also come in square which are suitable for men, women and children.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood pure essential oil is made from 100% pure sandalwood oil, originating from India. The essential oil is obtained through stringent distillation method and promotes relaxation of nerves, improves frigidity, and appeases tension and anxiety.

Health Products

Our range of health products includes premium sandalwood tea made from fresh sandalwood leaves and buds and sandalwood pillows made from sandalwood shavings and dried sandalwood leaves with environmentally friendly polyester fiber and bamboo charcoal.

Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood incense produces a unique blend of fragrances with calming properties that appeases tension, relaxes nerves, and reduces stress. It helps users obtain better focus and concentration in prayers and meditation.

Penang’s world famous white coffee

Freshly brewed from only the finest local beans in Malaysia, this deliciously aromatic white coffee features the rich taste loved by many.

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